As we work through the changes that almost every organisation is having to make as a consequence of the current financial climate, we are amazed that so many are only retrenching and cutting back whilst still expecting to deliver virtually the same service as before. That’s not true in all cases but a similar mindset is limiting the way forward for many.

At Future State we believe that:

  • organisations can deliver significant customer value even in the face of a financial downturn and financial cutbacks
  • involving your employees directly in determining how that value is delivered brings significant benefits to morale and engagement
  • engaged and aligned leadership makes the difference, enabling you to achieve financial returns on investment in customer focussed improvement of greater than 100% within weeks

We’ve been working with organisations to help them become more focussed on their key purpose and to identify how they can better serve their customers in a less wasteful and more effective way. When you clearly understand the value that your customers expect then identifying the areas of non-value adding activity and eliminating them (or at worst minimising them) will increase the capacity of your organisation to focus upon what it is supposed to be doing.  When you are achieving that, customers are more satisfied, employees are engaged and the costs to the organisation of delivering value trend  downwards rather than keep increasing year on year.

We are raving fans of the Kaizen approach to change and improvement as well as working with clients whose preference is Lean or Six Sigma. That said we are “methodology agnostic” believing that effective change uses the right tools and methods at the right time rather than being precious about any one way.

Whether you are looking for help through change or to build your internal capability for change contact us to talk more about your specific requirements and needs.