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Lean is the summation and consolidation of the Toyota Business System or “Toyota Way” as popularised in the book “The Machine That Changed The World” by Womack, Jones and Roos in 1990. Today it is considered one of the key continuous improvement methodologies and is becoming increasingly popular beyond its origins in manufacturing into healthcare, government, public services, banking, retail and services in general. It has the opportunity to eliminate waste from your business and increase the value added to your customers with a long term target of operational excellence!

Lean shares many of the key quality tools that are used within Kaizen and Six Sigma but one of its key benefits is the lack of statistical overload that can come within some of the other methodologies if they are used incorrectly. This facilitates Lean across ALL layers of an organisation from the Board Room to the Shop Floor and Frontline with everyone having the opportunity to influence and change the way that work is done to maximise value, customer loyalty and employee engagement.

If you’re looking to implement Lean within your organisation we can help you with the following services and solutions:

  • Lead Team overview and engagement
  • Facilitation of Lean improvement events
  • Development of your own internal Lean Champions and Lean Facilitators
  • Lean Practitioner Training
  • Lean Essentials Training
  • Lean Consulting
  • Lean Coaching
  • Lean deployment

For some of the benefits from a continuous improvement approach watch James talk about his people and purpose-led approach to continuous improvement within our audio and video resources and take a look at our tip “A Pound a Day” as well as some of our other tools and tips

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