Teams are the heart of many organisations and yet so often they are expected to just “do” without any investment in their beliefs, identity and purpose. They may be the best talent ever recruited, they may be the most skilled, the most able yet all too often helping them to gel and work as a team is left to pure chance. You wouldn’t buy a racehorse and just leave it in a field inbetween races would you? Teams need nurturing and building if they are to be truly successful.

Some of our recent work includes:

  • helping a team of L&D professionals to get clearer on their identity and purpose which has enabled them to make a real impact on how they interact with their business partners and plan and deliver their solutions
  • working with a team of Project Managers to help them conquer their “inner game” and increase their productivity and project results
  • designing and facilitating a team day with front-line staff of a housing organisation in order to build their personal connection with each other as well as with their customers

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“Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson