Here’s what some people have said about our work*

“We have worked with James Rosenegk for over 2 years now.  James initially worked with us on the introduction of the principles of Kaizen.  After the success of this programme and seeing the reactions to his training style we offered him the opportunity to pitch for the introduction of a Leadership Challenge programme to develop our Senior Management team.  The programme was well planned and expertly delivered; James throws himself into his subject and is flexible in allowing everyone to keep pace with the training.  James is almost seen as part of the Daikin Management Team; his involvement, experience and willingness to go the extra mile made the Leadership Challenge one of the best programmes I have been involved in.  Feedback from our Senior Management team was extremely positive and we are now rolling out this programme to the rest of our Management Team.”

Lorraine Whale, Head of Human Resources, Daikin UK

“I did not personally hire James, my company had that privilege….. What a programme!! Unfortunately I cannot tell you too much here about the dynamic work and results that James can have on you and your team!
A true leader that can influence every aspect of your career and leave a tremendous long lasting memory of the service he provides. Dont take my word for it – call him!”

John Lawrence, Daikin UK

“They have been terrific in providing new impetus to our innovation and efficiency drive at the Magnox North Trawsfynydd decommissioning site. James has delivered superb training tailored perfectly to our needs.  Delegates have all really enjoyed the quality of the training and the upbeat style that really sticks!  This been crucial in constructing the efficiency challenge, helping to design and construct our skills development which was delivered over a series of workshops that got 100% attendance at each one! Delegates were buzzing and came back extremely enthusiastic and keen to implement their new found skills.  James has also undertaken leadership development of our Site Lead Team and every session was a hit. Short sharp focused hits that did more than train our leaders, it moved them to a new mental model, a shift in their thinking. This work is ongoing and I am looking forward to developing our next phase and particularly James who has built up a real rapport with our company. James has modelled the way for our site I-Mentors (Innovation mentors), who he has personally trained in facilitation skills designed to engage our workforce in new and exciting ways. James has led a number of these workforce engagements that have led to real efficiencies being set out for implementation. Feedback from the workforce was very positive, and appreciative that they were finally being listened to. We’re at the start of our journey and James has given us all food for thought and a model to follow.”

Chris Skarratt, Innovation and Change Manager, Magnox North

“South Yorkshire Police have so far undertaken two training events with James Rosenegk. These have been focussed on equipping our staff with skills and knowledge about Lean and how to effectively implement what they have learnt back in the workplace. We found the course content to be excellent and pitched at exactly the right level for the audience and supporting information were incredibly useful for our staff to back up their learning. James’ personable and professional approach fostered a highly effective learning environment on our sessions and meant that not only did the delegates learn, but also that they enjoyed the session. The feedback from delegates on this training has been excellent, with some officers mentioning it was the most useful training course they had attended. This has led us to book further training on the topic of change management.”

Katy Chester, Service Improvement Officer, South Yorkshire Police

“I am extremely grateful for having the had the opportunity to attend the Kaizen course with James Rosenegk.  Along with many others, I am facing increased workload and new challenges and had already realised that ‘throwing hours’ at the problem was not the best way. I also felt I was not giving the best example to my team – I was feeling rather swamped. So, the course was extremely timely and has given me some brilliant ideas to look at things differently. It has helped me to believe that, even though times are tough, there are lots of things we can still do to move things forward in a positive way.  I got practical and new ways of identifying and cutting out waste and utilising absolutely everything you have to the max – particularly your workforce. The benefits – both financial and much improved morale. I’m not exaggerating, to me it was frankly a revelation”

Rosemary Carpenter, Children & Young People’s Service, Northamptonshire County Council

*This includes some testimonials for work delivered under Kaizen Training Limited