It’s the pace…

It’s possible that you may be struggling even now with getting your organisation or team to where you want them to be. Your “team” may even be your family or your relationships. You may be full of energy, have a fantastic vision, be clear about why you need to move, where you want to be and yet still be failing to make the progress that you were hoping for. That will be causing you frustration and stress and be having a negative impact on the motivation of both you and your team.

At the end of last summer I suffered an accident on a Swiss mountain that necessitated a helicopter rescue, a visit to two hospitals and a significant number of uncomfortable stitches, crutches, pain killers and a limp (for a number of weeks anyhow). Since that time I’ve been looking forwards to running 10km again and at my previous pace. You couldn’t knock that desire from a point of vision, you couldn’t knock me for effort, yet for some reason (and until last Sunday) I never seemed to be getting past the 7km mark.

If you take the metaphor of my leg injury and apply it to your life or business I bet you can find some parallels with where you are right now too.

So what I needed was a breakthrough. [Read more…]

Play, Pause… then Play Again

Are you fed up with “always on”? Do you find that you’re checking email when you get up, before you go to bed and multiple times in between. Are you responding as soon as a new email pings or whenever a text or new call comes in? Is this a good thing? Are you actually getting more done and are you being in greater control of your life? Probably not.

Research by the University of London suggests that being “always on” has an impact on your short term IQ of up to 15 points for men and 5 points for women – an affect equivalent to missing a night’s sleep*. And if you’ve done that lately, or even just had a few hours sleep then you’ll know how that feels and the impact it can have on your whole day!

The good news is that there are ways around this: [Read more…]

The Enid Blyton Effect

So there I was reading to my daughters at bedtime when all of a sudden the words jumped out of the page and stood ten feet tall:

“You can’t possibly do anything if you think you can’t. But you can do impossible things sometimes if you think you can”

Enid Blyton, Malory Towers

We stopped for a few moments to consider the wisdom and power that these few words can have on your life – even if you are only 7 and 9! Yes, even at a young age. So how about if you’re 47 or 89 or even more?

The beliefs that you hold – and however they have been shaped – hold more power over you than perhaps you ever imagined before now. [Read more…]

What does playing Air Guitar have to do with more Effective Leadership?

I’ve just returned from Austria where I had nearly 300 leaders and managers from the heating and cooling industry play Air Guitar to Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. Just for fun or was there much more to it? Well it did inject some fun into the proceedings and yes there is a point to it.

As leaders we often underestimate the impact that our state has upon all of those around us. If it’s Monday morning and you come into the office in your usual Monday morning mood (which let’s suppose is grumpy and miserable), what effect is that going to have on the people around you? The way you speak, the way you respond, the way you are? And how is being in that particular state going to affect you? Is it going to lift you into a more resourceful place or leave you even more grumpy and miserable at the end of the day? [Read more…]

Remember to save, save, save

And I don’t mean for your retirement (although that’s important too!).

I spent the first hour this morning working on the design for a client’s team away day and was just about done and delighted with what I’d put together.

Before sending to the client I thought I would delete an extra tab in the spreadsheet and dutifully cliked the “confirm delete” only to see all my work come undone. And you guessed it, my last save had been some time ago so I lost some great stuff and Excel won’t let you undo sheet deletions!!!

Thankfully because my mind was fresh I was able to recreate it what I’d put together (with some improvement too I believe);

But the motto is: save, save and save again (and enable autosaves too).