2015: Fluke, Fantasy, Failure or Fabulous?

welcome to 2015 new yearWe’re already at the half way point of January! Can you believe it?

So, how are you doing against your goals for 2015? Or haven’t you got any yet? I’m not talking about New Year resolutions because many of you will have broken them already so I’m talking more about what you want to achieve this year.

Let’s start by reflecting back on last year. How was it? Did you achieve what you set out to do and if you did was it through a deliberate process of setting goals and objectives and reviewing them throughout the year to see how well you were doing against your desired outcomes? Or did you scrape through the year, making some vague progress towards them but uncertain how you actually got there. You left the year to chance and somehow fortune shone down upon you and you got by. Is that how you want 2015 to be? Another year of FLUKE?

If you didn’t reach your goals and outcomes was there an issue with the goals that you set? Were they far beyond reality, unattainable from the outset for whatever reason? Did you live your year in FANTASY, hoping that at some point you would achieve the equivalent of winning the lottery (which in the UK has odds at 14.1 million to 1). Is that you want to repeat in 2015?

Perhaps 2015 was a year that you’d rather forget because for whatever reason you missed your goals completely (or never even had any) and as a result finished the year in FAILURE? And I hope that even if your year seemed that way I hope that it wasn’t truly a failure and that you can find some positive outcomes from whatever happened! Definitely none of us will want 2015 to result in FAILURE.

So how are you approaching 2015 then? Have you reviewed what happened last year? Are you looking for this year to be more successful than last? Are you looking for this year to be FABULOUS?

Assuming that by reading so far this is the case then here are some tips to make your year fabulously successful:

  • What realistically do you want to achieve in 2015? What would make this year even better than last? How can you set your outcomes in such a way that they might stretch you but not snap you? Think about more than just money and job; think about the other important things in life like family, relationships, friends, experiences and giving something back to others.
  • If your list is too long, if so which are the most important ones? Are there 5 that stand out more than the others? (and don’t just choose the easy ones, choose the ones that will make a real difference).
  • Having selected your shortlist, can you break them down into smaller steps with some intermediate goals? Is there a way that you can track your progress against them throughout the year so that each month you know where you are against them? Smaller steps are so much more achievable than massive ones. Remember the old adage about how to eat an elephant? Apply it here too. These smaller steps will build your confidence as you make some early achievements – and you’ll be making progress throughout the year and perhaps even end up beyond your targets.

Just two more things:

  • Having decided what you want to achieve, don’t leave them on your laptop or tablet. Print them out, put them somewhere visible that you will see almost every day. Use more than text, make them visual with images and vivid colours. Draw or post images that represent how your life will be when you’ve fulfilled your dreams. Stick this picture up in your office, on your bedroom wall, in a place that you and others will see it and then share your goals with at least one other important person in your life. All these things will make your goals more real and the more that you repeat and review them, the more they will embed themselves in your unconscious thoughts and actions.
  • And lastly and most importantly, take action. And NOW if you can. If you leave your goals where you planned them then nothing will happen. You have to take early and decisive action to build the momentum that will kick start your year and carry you through to the end.

There is no better time than now! Take action to build your plan. Post it, share it, take action towards it.

May your 2015 be truly FABULOUS!

Live and love your life!