Being Human

In thTea and biscuite last 7 days I’ve been struck by how often the most simple of acts can have a massive impact on the life of somebody else. The trend started to appear last week:

A friend posted on Facebook her experience about a recent minor car crash (someone driving into her car). How would you normally react to such an incident? Angry, irrational, out for justice? Well this friend stayed calm and engaged with the other party in conversation only to discover that she had buried her mother the day before and was still struggling to cope with her loss. So a hug, some kind words and a cup of tea later they were able to carry on their days and let the insurers sort out the rest.

Next day, another friend was in a supermarket when her son saw a lady with a shopping bag that was printed with the front cover of his favourite book. The stranger was so taken with his lovely response that she gave him the bag and made his day!

Then, I’m told a story from a local school that is going beyond what you would normally expect to support a family that is currently going through difficulties.

Then a former colleague who took coffee in the middle of the night to the firemen who are helping to contain the flooding in his village.

Maybe all this behaviour is coming to the surface because of the prolonged extreme weather and flooding that we’ve been having in the UK, somehow bringing together the human spirit. Or maybe it’s just time for us all to stop thinking of ourselves first and to be taking time to observe what’s going on around us. Who is it that could do with some support and help? Where could I offer my skills for a worthy cause? What is wasted and lying around in my own house that could be of benefit to someone else? Who just needs a conversation and a cup of tea?

Let’s be more human this year and spend some more time “human being” rather than “human doing”.

Live and love your life!