Innovator, Improver or Procrastinator?

New Paradigm Ahead

I was astounded at the end of last week to read that the first production electric car was built here in Britain almost 50 years ago. And that today’s modern electric cars bear significant similarities with the UK prototype that toured America in 1969. It was call the Enfield Thunderbolt and you can read more about it in a BBC News item here.

If you had been the inventor what would you have thought when there was no ready mass market for your invention? Would you keep refining your design until you were satisfied with it? Would you stop and start something else? Or would you stop altogether? I wonder what the original inventors did? Well certainly they kept pursuing their invention until 1976 and Sir John Samuel even went on to work on other electric vehicle projects.

What did James Dyson do after he first presented his paradigm shifting vacuum cleaners to the world? Did he immediately go on to steal the vacuum cleaner market from everyone else? Did he go on inventing and refining? Did he give up? What about Steve Jobs? What about the Wright Brothers? What about Jorge Odon?

People won’t always be ready for what you come up with. Sometimes it‘s just a question of timing (like the Enfield Thunderbolt). Sometimes your solution may not be quite right and need some more refinement. And sometimes what you came up with might just be plain daft.

So why stop? Keep creating. Keep adding your unique value to the world. And if you fall over, get up again and start over!

Innovators are all around us and you, even you have the capability to innovate and come up with some ground breaking ideas. You just may not have ever put them on paper before, or shared them or even allowed yourself to think some more about the fantastic ideas that float in and out of your amazing brain.

Maybe you say that you’re not an innovator, rather that you’re someone who prefers to find incremental improvements to the way things are done. You are equally as valuable as the innovators. You are what makes Kaizen a reality!

And if you don’t think that you’re either of those then I challenge you to prove that you are not a procrastinator. Go on, just get on with it and develop one of your ideas a bit further, even just a little bit. You might just amaze yourself and even the world!

Live and Love Your Life!