Remember the small things!

Thank you 2I’ve been reminded this month through work with one client of how important your attention to “the small things” can make a massive difference to the commitment, performance and well-being of a team. Here’s what happened:

The quarterly results were good and targets just about met. Some achieved and surpassed their targets; some worked hard and didn’t quite make it.

So what would you do? How would you communicate with the team? What would you say?

Well, this leader decided to send two very short personal emails. One version to the group who met or exceeded target acknowledging their great work, and another version to the others – and not berating them, congratulating them on their contribution and commitment to the overall results.

The response was staggering! Messages of thanks from the team to the leader, forwarding and copying the original messages to line managers and colleagues. Overwhelming confirmation of their continued commitment to next quarter’s results from everyone.

And all that from just a few lines of simple text to say “thank you”.

So what can you learn from this? How can you take some small and significant action towards your team, your co-workers, your customers, your suppliers? Something that’s brief, from the heart and invaluable.

That’s all I have to say until September whilst I enjoy the summer with my family.

May you stay happy and healthy as you “Live and Love Your Life!”