2012: It was better than you thought!

As we come to the end of the year, I find it fascinating that so many people that I talk to look back into their past and seem to focus in on the bad things, the troubles they experienced and somehow seem to pull up all the negative stuff that happened to them. Perhaps that’s their general disposition, to be more pessimistic in life (which I’m not saying is always a bad thing) but isn’t there a better way? A way of reflecting that gives you back something, a method that might change your perspective and remind you that if you look for them, you were (and are) surrounded by many great moments even if it seems as if things don’t always go right for you.

And maybe you’re one of those people that do what I’m suggesting already in which case here’s a timely reminder to do it again anyway or to try this as an alternative approach if you’ve not done this before.

Quite simply, I’d like you to find some time and space (ideally a quiet space for at least 5 minutes or more), make yourself comfortable and even close your eyes.

And as you sit there, relaxing and unwinding, cast your mind back over the whole of 2012 and recall all the things for which you are grateful. And as you find the first, allow your mind to find the next one and the next. And as you find the first three things for which you are grateful allow your mind to relax even more as you search through time and locate three more and then another three and then another three. And as you uncover even more wondrous moments find the feelings of gratitude beginning to grow inside you and if you want to find even more moments give yourself even more time to find more and maybe even more. Enjoy these moments, relive some of them within your mind and acknowledge to yourself the moments and experiences, the friends, family and people around you who have made 2012 a great year for you.

Then when you’re done, and as you come back to your here and now you may want to capture some of those things, write them down on paper or post it notes. Then put them up somewhere visible on a wall or accessible in your journal or on your desktop so that next time you find yourself in a low or not being able to find a purpose in what is going on then you will remind yourself to pause and find within your experience something that is more wonderful than you thought and that increases your well being and gratitude for your world around you.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and may you continue to live and love your life!